Vape Kits


Vape starter kit is a bundle generally consisted of a mod, tank, coils and some replacement parts. Get out of confusion on choosing suitable vape kits, the right parts and other necessary accessories to fit your mods. 

Vaporesso store provides you the AIO starter kit to get you straight through vaping journey. To easily get start vaping with such an AIO (all in one) device, all you need to add is some vape juice and battery (not required if it was built-in). There are three different styles of vape kits for customers’ preference in Vaporesso store: Box kit, Pen kit and Pod kit.

No matter you are a freshman, a moderate vaper, or an advanced player, you can pick one design only specifically belonging to yourself.

  1. Box kits give you smart navigation, dense clouds chasing and more;
  2. Pen kits allow your vaping on the go, charging quickly and flavor lasting;
  3. Pod kits create pure taste, comfortable handling and mini yet perfect using.

All in all, from size to price, from design to performance, whatever demands we have the corresponding solutions customized for you.


Why choose us?

Vaporesso aims at building a popular yet high end brand in vaping area, every product and design is not left of beyond ordinary in high quality, innovated technology, smart navigation system and etc…Especially for beginners.

It is definitely that vaporesso starter kit is the first choice for you. Moreover, we not only provide you AIO starter kit, but also a series of replacement parts and accessories are available. Mods, tanks, coils and glass tube all can be sold separately. Until now, Vaporesso have got customers’ acceptance all over the world. Choose Vaporesso, you will get from us what you really want, and even out of your expectation.