Pen Kits


A vape pen is a heater that heats up a vape tank or cartridge to vaporize the juice and produce vapor. Integrated with vape pen, vape tank, vape coil and other accessories together, we call that is AIO vape pen kit. Vape pen kits are perfect smoking substitute devices for vapors.

Compare to traditional cigarette, vape pen kits are normally refillable and chargeable powered by larger battery capacity, which creates more vapor production and help vapers go back to pure cig-like taste. What’s more, unlike vape Box kit, pod kit . Pen kit is designed as handle-friendly size in stick shape, making them easily to be carried on the go.

So for freshman, vape pen kits are solid choice to satisfy their vaping experience. And for advanced vapers who are used to vape box kits with big clouds chasing, then the vape pen kits are worthy of your secondary consideration.

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