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Great product. Keeps charge for a long time. Nice draws

Adam W.
Best mod I've used!

I got this as a birthday present from a friend while in Norway.
Easy to use and so customizable! What I would love to see is a profile setting though. I have a tendency to let other people use it and have to spend time turning the settings down so they don't die XD. Would be awesome to just switch between 2 profiles so I don't have to change it every time.
Other then that, its awesome!

Best Vape EVER!

I’ve been vaping for 10 years starting with a cheap gas station pen mod. My first mod was the classic, sub-ohm SMOK AL-85. It met all my criteria:

- ONE 18650 battery
- Relatively compact/lightweight
- Reliable
- Battery lasts all day

Although the AL-85 was my everyday mod, I also owned & enjoyed UWell Nunchuku, Aspire Nautilus, Vapresso Swag and all-time favorite GeekVape Cerebrus Solo…until three weeks ago.

I lost my GeekVape at a wedding and was introduced to XROS 2. AMAZING!

-NO external batteries & charger
-Sub-ohm output
-Salt Nic requires less volume than regular E-Liquid. (cheaper)
-USB-C port charges battery in 20 minutes
-Internal battery lasts all day
-Sleek, lightweight design
-Refillable tank has built in coil
-New tank/pod has the option of either 1.2ohm or 0.8 ohm
-NO Leaking

I just packed up so many coils, batteries, mods lying around and vaping has never been so easy, clean and pleasurable. WAY TO GO VAPRESSO!

Wow great deal

This is one of the best hitting mods I ever had. I wish the tank was bigger tho

Alex P.
The Best!!!

I just got this Vape gifted to me from a very special lady friend of mine & I must say I'm really excited at the performance it's giving me! I wanna thank your company for making such a great product & thank my friend for this very special gift! You're an amazing person & I wholeheartedly am grateful & appreciate the fact that you gave me this! So thankyou very much I will treasure it always! I've been using disposable vapes for the past 10 years & am never going back! I highly recommend this to everyone & anyone that vapes! You won't be disappointed!!!

Vaporesso Swag x80

I Love This Vape The Nice Emerl Green Love Leater And The Finish Touch Of Metal With A Nice Fire Trigger

Target PM30
Uncomplicated beginner vape

An excellent beginner vape. The wattage is set automatically when a coil is in place... there's just no way to manipulate the wattage outside of the coil range; Unfortunately this device can only use two coil types: rDTL 0.6 ohm or MTL 1.2 ohm, even though there are many more resistance options in the GTX coils only those two are guaranteed to work. Unlike many beginner devices on the market the juice is refillable and the coil is replaceable making this device cheaper to run in the long term and reduces the plastic waste of pre-filled disposable tanks and/or fixed coils and much more environmentally friendly than solid state pod-sticks that need to be discarded when the battery or juice run out.

There is no display so the state of the charge in the battery is a bit of a guess, normally I put it on charge when topping up the juice. The only button is recessed, I've never had a pocket fire with this device which makes it a very safe unit. The pod holds just over 3ml but it has a fiddly valve to refill, it comes with a special small bottle which you are expected to fill then use the small bottle to fill the device.

Provided that the juice level is never below half there are no leaks, if allowed to fall below half there is some leakage but not excessive.

This is a nice vape. It hits good and easy to use. I was skeptical but am very happy.

This is a good vape for the price. At first I was skeptical, but I'm very happy with the product.

Love it!

This is my first vape like this.. with the pods.. I really don’t like mods bc of changing coils and it’s a lot of smoke and honestly I’m just used to the throw away vapes you get from the corner store.. this is like that in the way that it’s small and doesn’t give a huge cloud of smoke. It’s probably good for people first coming off cigs or that like vapes from gas stations lol. Except you can get any juice you want and the juices you buy for these taste 100x better than any throw away vape Ive had!!!
It charges quickly and doesn’t need to be charged frequently.

᯾The only downsides to the mini are you have to buy new pods every 5 days at least ☹
& the charger it comes with/uses is a type 🅒 and it’s really short so I’m gonna have to buy a longer one..

Other than that I 🄷🄸🄶🄷🄻🅈 recommend the mini ☻ ت

xavi s.
muy bueno

pequeño, muy sencillo, buena vaporada, La pantalla es toda una sorpresa, muy luminosa y con muchos datos, el modo smart perfecto para los nuevos como yo. Un magnifico kit de inicio. El único inconveniente es que los pods de repuesto el drift no gira y la calidad no es la misma que en el kit original

Shannon C.
Buy online..corner store guy hustled me lol

New to this brand and I love it nothing to dislike other than paying 79 bucks from Chinese corner store dude and its even on sale at that price 🤣..glad I came across this site store..


Hi,I wish to buy itank on black color,i live on Norway.
8 ml is the booble glass?
Can delivery to Norway,how long time can take?
I can pay when is coming here?
About coil i can not find here,will come on Europe also?

Vaporesso barr

For the size it's perfect for you pocket gives off great hits can't beat it for 20$

Mike C.
Decent over all

I bought one, trying to find something better then the round screw on pencil style, or KangerTech (sorry new at this) and it is 100% better, and I no longer smoke cigarettes after 30 years. The only issues I have had with it is leaky tanks, even brand new ones that the store won't take back, and I personally have a issue with dropping it, and wish there was an option to put it on a lanyard, or clip, but other then that it's been great for me

Anna M.
Quit cigarettes!

I recently purchased the original Zero standard kit, after discovering the disposable pen I’ve been using is hazardous in several ways. I’m so pleased with this product and at 57 years old I’m able to do things that I haven’t done since I became a smoker at age 15! Kids: SAY NO TO CIGARETTES!!!

Great Little Device

I love this device. It’s perfect for your pocket and can carry it everywhere. Personally I like the MESH pod better than the ccell pod. It draws easier and the flavor is stronger. The pods are easy to fill especially with the included little filler bottle that it comes with. I like that you don’t have to take the tip off or anything to fill it. You simply push down on the fill valve and squeeze. Super quick and easy. For me the pods last about a month before needing to be replaced. There is some leakage at times but nothing major. The battery charges super quick and pretty much lasts me all day. There isn’t much difference in the vape experience between the 3 power levels. I keep it at the medium power. The finish on the device is nice and the matte texture stays clean. Overall it’s a great little device that is perfect for how I vape.

Anas k.
Best Product I've tried so far

I've been using pods from a long time, My first one was XRos, And then i switched to Caliburn A2, and it's pods Leak like a shower and damages pods and device, So i got rid of that device and bought this xRos 2, I've been using it for 2 days now and there is 0 leakage, and the hit is best, I love this product and I'm happy with it, Good Job Vaporesso


Best tank I have used and very good to look at, Top Job. Love the 8ml capacity, but it took me forever to find somewhere here in the UK that sold the glass
Coils are great and last a good while.
Tank doesn't leak (I tried to make it leak but it didn't).

Question for Vapperesso, when are the different colours available / released?


Passed my klutzy drop tests!!

I had a rep. give my coworker and I the XROS 2 the other day at the shop we work at.
It absolutely amazing!!! I’ve unfortunately dropped it 3 times in 5 days ago.
It’s the perfect size, beautiful finish, I love that you can “pre heat” the vape with the button. It is only a preheat button so it does cut off quickly and as long as you keep inhaling it keeps going and preserves the battery “I think”, or you can pull on it automatically and it hits beautifully!! You get a clean smooth hit. Definitely 5 stars🤩
I wish I could upload pictures. I got the silver one. We also got the 2 18650 box mod to try as well 😉

Brian K.
Target 200. itank.

All my other vapes I’ve had in the past doesn’t even compare to the target 200 with its itank.
I just wanted to say a big thank you for making the device which is an out-standing vape , smooth taste, powerful mod with a spectacular tank.
Easy to change the coils which are just “push-in”
Thank you again !

Mouth to lung for sure

So far this mini hits hard but I havent yet figured out how to get smooth hits from it. Its just flavorful punches to my throat. I wish they would have added the adjustable air flow and a dial to lower the voltage because this mini like a said hits hard. I might look into lowering my nicotine levels or upgrade to the Vaporesso XROS. This might be great for most but doesn't seem to work for me.

My dream vape

Its realy my dream vape that i hope if i could get one as a gift...but i am at syria and i cant get any one here...thats the most amazing vape ihave tried at all my life❤❤thanks VAPORESSO to make us SAFE and HAPPY❤😍

Tracy M.

Nice mod, the coil fires and hits smoothly. The mod feels great in the hand. easy to hold.

XROS Series Pod
Morgan H.
These devices are fantastic.

Battery last a long long time. Pod holds a lot of liquid(juice). The entire unit works very well.
I would recommend this Vaporesso to anyone trying to get away from replaceable burner coil systems.
I mean it. These are really great!!

Cory J.
Good deal

Works well. I’m happy with it!