Vape Tanks


Vape tanks or vaporizer are the important component of your vaping device, which includes the coil and the glass tube filled with some vape juice. The coil to be fired for creating the vapor. The tank is activated when A user takes a puff on the mouthpiece.

With Vaporesso vape tank, you don’t need to clean the tanks. Because the glass tube is made of pyrex that helps you easily clean your tank. Vaporesso offers the most innovative & advanced vaporizer tanks for customers’ preference in the market.

No matter you are an experienced vaper, or a vaping beginner. No matter you are looking for a tank to help your vaping device making denser and thicker clouds production, or you want an omnipotent atomizer tank that fits your all mods, there is a specific vaporesso vape tank thats customized for your reference.

Ceramic tank is hot and highly accepted in vaping market. Instead of traditional cotton coil tank, tank is housing with ceramic coil which heats and vaporizes e-juice and produces the purer taste and provides more lasting vaping than ever before.

Vaporesso ceramic tank implements convenient threaded top-fill design, dual adjustable airflow apparatus, adjustable juice flow control, providing you rich flavor and no leaking vaping experience.

The cascade tank series is super easy use design, it will match all vape mods you have. Coupled with the Veco tank simple top fill design, combined with our ground-breaking CCELL coils for a supreme pure vape. The sub-ohm vape tank of SKRR tank will easily get you dancing in a dreamlike space that is full of thick and dense clouds.