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Vaping 101: beginners guide to vape starter
Jul 11, 2023

Now that you, the beginner vaper, are savvy with the different types of vaporizers available and the different experiences that they offer - from our first Vaping 101 class - it’s time to introduce you to the tastes that give the real experience of your vaping.

 Whether your tastes are simple, or you have a desire to explore the magical world of the plethora of vape flavors out there, there are all types of needs and tastes. We hope to help you find the right ones to get you started on your vaping journey - and also to answer some of the questions you’re sure to have at this stage.


What are ingredient made of?


The main ingredients in almost all of the ingredient available on the market today are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavorings and of course, nicotine. Most of the ingredient available will be PG based, while VG is a generally an alternative for people with allergies to PG.


The strength of the vape is determined by how much addicted content is present in the  solution. When switching to vaping from a desire to quit smoking, it is often recommended to try an with a addicted content level that matches that of the cigarettes that you were smoking and then to further experiment with reduced levels that your body can handle, on the road to zero nicotine.


Are ingredient safe to use?


While the regulatory war over vaping products is fuelled with arguments from people on both sides of the fence when it comes to the safety of ingredient, the majority of public evidence available indicates that there are no immediate safety concerns over the fact that vaping produces the risk of inhalable exposure to contaminants.



Drips vs Tanks


There are currently two different ways of injecting your chosen  solution into your vape experience - drippers and tanks. As with everything in the vaping world, the preference is for the individual. However, the different methods definitely offer a different experience to the vaper.

 Dripping is the method of literally ‘dripping’ your  onto the coil of your chosen RDA. Dripping is generally seen as more of an art form, as the amount of  that you inject into the RDA is up to you, as is the frequency at which you ‘reload’.

 Most people use tanks, or RTAs, for their ease and simplicity of use. ‘Reloading’ with tanks simply requires replacing the tank in the RTA.

 Tanks use less battery and tend to take less time to replace. Drips, on the other hand, tend to offer enhanced taste and create bigger clouds that many vapers who enjoy vaping as an art form are after.


How can I find the best vape juice for me?



While following recommended guidelines is a good place to start, especially for those quitting smoking, there is only one true way to find the types of ingredient suited to you: try them. This coupled with your own research, whether online or by visiting vape stores and chatting with people who have vast experience with different methods of vaping and the different types of ingredient.


Finding the right  for you is a journey. Like everything in the vaping world, it is the journey of finding what is right for you that will keep you interested and involved. Thankfully, the vaping world - and all the products in it - is evolving fast, so there’s more than enough for you to try and experiment with.


We hope you have gained a deeper knowledge of how ingredient are essential to your vape experience. Download our beginners guide to vaping below to find out more!


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