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I ordered a vape and it never arrived

SWAG PX80 Mod Adapter
Vaporesso SWAG PX80 MOD Adapter

smooth as silk, a small twist and your tank lifts from mod , with adapter on mod tighten until it lifts a little from mod and its tight enough

It's like a wahole new way to vape for me.

These pods are amazing! Not only do they allow me to use more e-liquid. But the flavor is amazing on these. It's like a whole new way to vape for me.

MiMike M.

Great product. Battery lasts and it hits very smooth and I like the fact you can adjust the airflow on the device

Prefer these over older versions

Good coils

These coils have great flavor and hold up pretty well to my chain vaping. I've had a problem where when I first started using them, I would get around 3000 puffs a coil, and now I only get about 1700 with these coils I got straight from vaporesso's site instead of through a third party. From third party ones, I would only get around 1000. I wonder what the cause of this is. I do vape heavily, but don't feel my habits are different from when I first started using these coils. Anyways, I'd say these coils are good overall.

Compact and long lasting battery.

Large capacity, hits great.

Very good😄

Great taste

I purchased the Xros 3 I think the pods have great flavor. Although I did think the magnets could be a little stronger since I had put it in my pocket and the pod fell out. Other than that the Xros is great with good battery life and good flavor.


Все прийшло, є проблема, не працювало відстеження доставки.

Michael L.
Great little vape

Small and portable with big capacity and great flavor. well made, would recommend

Thank you for leaving such a positive review for our ECO NANO vape! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying its compact size, large capacity, and delicious flavor. Our team takes pride in creating well-made products, so we're happy to know that it met your expectations. Thank you for recommending it to others. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy using ECO NANO. Have a great day!

Riko’sRodrigo G.
Excellent upgrade

I have thoroughly enjoyed this new vape, the push button to swing open the top fill more juice with the push button to release the battery has been a god send, honestly I have a newer more expensive vape by the same brand and it scratches easier and does not provide an as smooth inhale so. Verdicts out, for rugged wear easy and simple features this is your go to vape hope you enjoy. This is an honest and truthful review. Oh one more thing, if you drop your vape a lot, this one has rubber around the glass so, just an added extra for those of us that multi task and are prone to drop things due to overdoing it sometimes ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review of our ARMOUR S vape. We're thrilled to hear that the push button features and rubber protection have made your vaping experience even better. We appreciate your honest feedback and are happy to know that this is your go-to vape for rugged wear. Thank you for choosing our brand and we hope you continue to enjoy it! Happy vaping!

Love it!Awesome Nano Pod

I have been vaping for about 10 years now and I have a pretty good amount of knowledge of vape systems. This vape is an absolute winner! Pods hold a generous amount of e-liquid (6mls), pod port is big enough that you don’t have to worry about what type of unicorn or chubby garulla bottle you can use. As for the mod, it is pretty ergonomic and user friendly. Pod connects to the mod via a strong magnetic connection. Big Plus! Battery is still working after 3 days, without having to recharge it. I have all Pros 👍🏻 and no Cons at this point, very happy with this product

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a positive review. We are thrilled to hear that you are loving our ECO NANO product! Our team works hard to ensure that our pods hold a generous amount of e-liquid and that our mod is ergonomic and user-friendly. We're also happy to hear that the battery is working well for you. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you continue to enjoy it!


Nice design, tank is excellent. But Target 200 seems as a better product. This one can heat up a little bit during charging.
It is os cheap, that's for sure. But very lightweight, what I was looking for.

Button: QC should be better.

Thank you for your review of our product, GEN 200 (iTank2). We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that you like the design and tank of our product.

We will definitely take into consideration your suggestion of Target 200 being a better product. We apologize if the iTank2 heats up during charging, we will look into improving this aspect.

We are happy to hear that you find our product to be affordable and lightweight, as that was one of our goals during the design process. We will also take note of your comment regarding the QC button and work towards improving it.

Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you continue to enjoy it.

Idk what happened to my package. Over 3 months and it still never arrived to my house. I contacted the store and told me it got lost in transit:D

A pretty damn good tank.

So far after 2 days of use, the tank and coil have been operating great in a range of wattages. The flavor is superb and the airflow is stellar. I would recommend this tank based on the fill lid and coil change design ALONE.
A+ product so far, Unfortunately C- on shipping.
I did receive my order in one piece, luckily.
my iTank 2 & 2 boxes of coils were placed into a Manilla envelope with no padding and shipped internationally to me from China which ultimately took about 3 weeks for it to arrive (after saying the item should take 12-18 BUSINESS DAYS to arrive) & charging me a dollar for "Green Shipping Protection" which appears to be insurance.
So overall, will you enjoy your product? Probably. Will you be annoyed at the shipping speed? Probably. But the products are nicely made at least.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We're glad to hear that you are enjoying the iTank 2 and have had a positive experience with the tank and coil. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the shipping speed. We always strive to improve our shipping process and appreciate your feedback. We hope you continue to enjoy your product and thank you for choosing our brand! Happy vaping!

2/4 pods burned

Over two months and still haven’t received it

Over two months and still haven’t received it


Over two months and still haven’t received it


Over two months and still haven’t received it

Geweldige ervaring!

De Luxe XR Max is een geweldige ervaring!
Hij ziet er knap uit, voelt heel stevig en duurzaam en is makkelijk in gebruik.
De liquids smaken supergoed en de damp is heel fijn af te stellen naar je eigen keuze.
Ik ben aangenaam verrast als eerste gebruiker en ben meteen Vaporesso-fan !
Het zou wel leuk zijn mocht Vaporesso in de toekomst ook etuis of iets dergelijks zou voorzien voor deze toestellen.

Thank you for your kind review of the LUXE XR Max. We are thrilled to hear that you had a great experience with our product and that you have become a Vaporesso fan. We appreciate your feedback and will definitely consider your suggestion for future products. Thank you for choosing Vaporesso and we hope to continue providing you with excellent vaping experiences.

I like the size of it, but I do not like how it’s so noisy when you press the button and it just automatically comes out like you can’t take a drag off of it. It just like starts pouring into your mouth. I don’t know I’d give it a thought it was gonna be better but the good thing about it is it doesn’t leak. You can tip it on each side and it won’t leak. That’s why I bought it but I don’t like the way it hits. I can’t hit it like smaller, vape, or cigarette.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for the LUXE XR Pod. We appreciate your feedback and are sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. We understand your concern about the noise and the automatic release of the pod, and we will definitely take this into consideration for future improvements. However, we are glad to hear that the pod does not leak, which was one of your reasons for purchasing it. We apologize that it does not provide the vaping experience you were hoping for, but we have a wide range of products that may better suit your needs. Thank you again for your review. Have a great day.


My order ain’t even here yet