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Perfect order. Took too long to get to me. Everything took too long. Thank goodness the order was correct.

Perfect order. Took too long to get to me. Everything took too long. Thank goodness the order was correct.

Perfect order. Took too long to get to me. Everything took too long. Thank goodness the order was correct.

Perfect order. Took too long to get to me. Everything took too long. Thank goodness the order was correct.

Did this twice!

I ordered the pro and love it! Love it so much I ordered a second one for my daughter (26) because she kept "borrowing" mine. A bit heavier but bigger battery. I love the bump as it provides a nice finger hold. I bought the blue one and it is beautiful. I love you can lock the fire button so it doesn't get pushed accidentally. The 0.4 pods are awesome, now I can use my freebase while in a discreet battery, great for travel. I go back and forth from freebase and salt nic. The 0.4 does suck down liquid a bit quicker so the 3ml pods are great. The larger battery last for salt nic about 2 days for my moderate usage. It will last a solid day with the 0.4 at 25w. If you want a more discreet kit for daily use this is the only brand you should use. It's convenient and simple and perfect for those that are new to vaping or just want a solid vape with no hassles. I only have one thing I wish they would add, I am older and using this to get away from cigarettes and it would be nice to have some texture on the battery base or maybe a silicone case for better gripping and so if you like lanyards you could clip one on the case. Remember to buy extra boxes of 0.4 if you want them as they are not available in the US and are very nice for those that enjoy freebase in their vape.

Amazing quality

These pods are my go to pods. Best vape system for daily use. I love the new .4 so I can enjoy a wider variety of juice. I have the XROS pro and they will use up battery a bit faster and suck up freebase a bit quicker but so much better than a large mod system. I use the .8 for most of my salt nic and the taste is amazing. The .6 is nice for being able to mix anything. Occasionally I get a bad pod but that's life. My pods rarely leak if ever and once in awhile I will get a drop of liquid when vaping but usually my fault for not leaving a small bubble to compensate for the liquid expanding when heated. I have gone to the XROS system exclusively after trying a ton of other brands and this system is far superior over all others. Highly recommend if you are new to vaping, want something just easy and simple and more discreet. I do wish shipping was a bit quicker but that seems to be a Customs delay more than Vapresso's issue.

Great Everyday Mod

I absolutely love this kit. The range of coils that are compatible for the pods are fantastic. I'm still trying to find which are my favorites. I typically go with around .15, but I really like the .20 coils for this setup. Changing the coils is a breeze, I love the external 18650 so I don't have to wait for the mod to charge up. I wish you could refill the pod from the top, but it's not a deal breaker for me. They also have an optional attachment you can get to use any 510 thread tank you'd like which is an awesome option. I highly recommend this to anybody new to vaping or an experienced pro. OH! I almost forgot. I've had ZERO leaks with this thing. Even after overfilling it and carrying it in my pocket, any would-be leaks just get recycled back into the pod. Shipping took 1 month from order placed to arriving at my door in AZ. They killed it with this one!

The first pod was burned as soon as I tried it second one was fine but keeps leaking more than usual not happy for price payed

Robin V.


XROS 3 Nano

Great product. Terrible customer service. Took an entire month to arrive. The responses I got from customer service ignored my messages and questions, and only apologized for my delay. I’m honestly surprised it actually arrived.


This vape is one of the best I have had yet. I usually went with geekvape and I loved them but I decided to try this one because of the pretty colors and the reviews were good. I can actually taste the vape juice flavors so much better than the geekvape. Sometimes I couldnt even taste the flavors at all but now with this Vaporesso Armour Max the flavors are awesome.

Protect my order


Sturdy, powerful, sleek, and the LED colored lighting gives it a futuristic feel.

I’d give them “0” stars if I could! Took way to long to deliver the WRONG product. Customer service is the worst Chinese company I’ve ever dealt with. Still awaiting a resolution. Avoid this company!! Better buying from your local vape shop.



I loved the Vape itself I don't know about the coils yet

I like the flavour. Initially the weight of the whole device with batteries is a bit much. The screen could be bigger.

This is a must have!

If you are looking for a vape that is drop proof and isn’t flimsy , look no further because this vape is sure to withstand anything that gets thrown at it and produces fantastic flavour!

Just buy it you won’t regret it!


I bought this Vape for a friend and he lives it. Thanks Vaporesso 😊

It shows marked delivery but I haven’t gotten it yet


Muy buen producto, una calada de calidad muy buen sabor
Envío rápido y cómo se esperaba

Again, never recovered my order, but indeed was charged for it. Halo, make this right!


I didn't receive my order, but was still charged for it. The received a 0.98 cent credit. On an over 60$ purchase. What's up with that.


Doesn't work at all. Won't produce and smoke with pods. For $26 dollars it should work with both pods, the 2mL, and the 3mL.