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Vaporesso Guardian Tank (part of Target Mini Kit and Guardian One Kit)

ceramic coil is available in ceramic and ceramic-GD two versions. It has been described as “a revolutionary heating element”. The ceramiccoils by Vaporesso feature a unique design that both extends the life of the coil and give your vapor a more “true to recipe” flavor. Using a porous ceramic as the wicking material, you no longer have to worry about burning out your cotton in a short period of time.

The benefits of Vaporesso ceramic coils are widely-touted: they are heat-resistant, because it uses a patented ceramic formula that has been sintered at very high temperatures, increasing the ceramic's thermal endurance and stability. Therefore it produces longer-lasting coils and they help you avoid the layer of oxidation that builds up on old coils.

Using the high temperature sintering process, it allows vapers to create very small holes into the ceramic - allowing distribution of heat and liquid to be more consistent. It is a perfect coil for Nic-salts and CBD.

It comes with

1 x 5pcs Vaporesso Guardian ceramic Coil

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